Greatest Band of all time lives on !!!!!

Pink Floyd album cover recreated with flying pig

To mark the reissue of Pink Floyd’s back catalogue, the front cover of their Animals album is being restaged in London on Monday.

A 30ft-long inflatable pig has been tethered above Battersea power station, recreating the famous image devised by Roger Waters to illustrate the 1977 concept album.

As album covers go it’s a striking one. The Orb paid tribute to it on the cover of their album Live 93, with a sheep in place of the pig, and a recreation similar to that happening on Monday could be spotted briefly in the background in the film Children of Men.

Doom-mongers have been predicting the death of album art for years, as the large expanse of the vinyl sleeve gave way to the CD case, and subsequently the measly thumbnail jpeg.

Have any recent albums had sleeve art that struck you as particularly good? What, for you, is the best album cover of all time? And if you were to recreate any cover image, which would it be?

5 thoughts on “Greatest Band of all time lives on !!!!!

  1. Take a look at ANY Iron Maiden album and you cannot be disappointed with the artwork. They even had a hidden symbol that everyone would always look for whenever a new album came out. Consistently, album after album the artwork would always catch my eye. Rock On Eddie!!!

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  2. This is very cool! I hope this is the beginning of a new trend. I totally agree about the death of album art. While there may still be some great art being made, the medium is much smaller nowadays which makes it more difficult to appreciate.

    My favorite album cover of all times is ELO’s Out of the Blue, created by Japanese illustrator Shusei Nagaoka and the inside art was equally impressive, I use to just stare at this and wonder how anyone could put so much detail into a piece of art such as this, this album even came with a cardboard model of the spaceship that you put together. This is the kind of thing that’s missing from today’s releases and in my opinion does more to curb record sales then does piracy. Give the people a reason to buy your CD!

    ELO – Out of the Blue

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