New “old” Van Halen

Alright fella’s!! Lets get this debate going again!! As you all know, I am a huge VH fan. Dave or Sammy it doesn’t matter but I stand by my comment the Sammy version was better. New song… OK but it doesn’t have the same energy that Sammy brought to the band. Check out the video’s i have posted and tell me which one makes you wanna learn how to play guitar like Mr. VH!! Which one makes you start stomping your feet and playing air drums OR………air guitar. Pretty sure i can answer that for you. It wasn’t that hard to find a song from the “Sammy ” version to put up against “Tattoo”. The energy level was always there when the Red Rocker was involved. So on that note!!! What do you all have to say?

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  1. I originally posted this to the other VH thread but decided to move it here.

    I’ve gotta say, the new song is at least somewhat reminiscent of the VH we all grew-up on. Certainly has a familiarness to it. Wolfie seems to be filling Michael’s shoes quite adequately. But it’s sure being met with allot of critics which I don’t really understand. What? were they expecting another Fair Warning? Get over it already. I for one welcome the new stuff, it’ll be interesting though to see how long it lasts until the ego’s take over again. Time will tell.

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