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  1. @ arnoldayne: Thanks! As I get my footing on this site I will do my best to express what I know, feel and learn from the “rock unrolled experience”.

    @edward: Thanks very much for the input. Eddie laying down the bass tracks is something of which I was very much unaware. I try to do my best to invest time and effort into any reviews that I write on anything, yet this fact is something that the resources that I used neglected to mention. To give credit where credit is due I would have to give even more props to Eddie. To be able to have your mind around the treble and bass cleft like that must be amazing.

    Always happy to learn.

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  2. Rich, I am not sure if you know this but Ed writes all the bass lines and even lays down the tracks in the studio. I assume he later shows them to Micheal. I am in no way trying to bring Micheal down because he is a good bass player. I just thought I would let you know. With that being said, I know that Balance was recorded live so I think that may have been the only album that Micheal may have actually played on the studio recordings.

  3. When I hear runaround and pretty much anything from “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”; all I can really hear is the simplistic lines played by bassist Micheal Anthony and just how well they fit where they are. Most of the basic guitar work from this album is abbreviated arpeggios with long roots or 5ths (and occasional 7th that gets hammered or pulled back to root) for the verse. Then when the hooks pick up lead kicks in with some nice riffs and melody “buffs”, Anthony does his job and keeps the line tempo on track and fills the back space left from the lack of rhythm guitar lines in those areas. He does this by keeping his line in the back while also expanding his line to keep the arpeggios running. Not a bass player that could go with having just his E and A!! I enjoy background rhythm tracks laid by people who know what they are doing. Runaround is a track that I really enjoy listening to. I think about what I would ask a bass player to do differently to make the track better; and with out completely altering the effect the bass line has here I would be hard pressed to offer any advice that would help. That being said, I really enjoy this work. Thanks for posting this video for review.

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  4. I’ve seen them live with both Sammy and Dave numerous times. I think the show itself had a different energy, different crowd, just different in general. The live performance with the old line up for the Diver Down tour was incredible. Having said that, I have seen Sammy lead them on at least five occasions where the show was outstanding as well. The real issue here is, as Ed said, Eddie Van Halen needs to grow up. No one is bigger than the band! Time is running short on these guys to do it again.

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  5. You can definitely see the tightness of the band back then. It showed in their live performances as well as their music. They looked like they were doing it for the music and each other. I don’t think anybody can deny what they had didn’t make them who they were at that time. They genuinely loved being around each other. Sammy is a lyrical genius. Ed could play a riff and Sammy just knew exactly what the song was about and would just start making up words. That came straight from Ed’s mouth. Sammy is still going strong today and still putting out music. What has happened to VH? Oh…they have Diamond Dave back. What had he done since leaving VH? Begging Ed to let him back in because he was nothing without them.

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