What’s your favorite live performance ?


Live performances can kill a band, or make a band. What is the best concert you have seen?  Tell us your story.  Concerts can be somewhat a religious experience if they are pulled off right. Tell us when you have seen god! Or if you are on the dark side… we are interested in that as well. Live shows are the shit! We want to hear about your favorite!

6 thoughts on “What’s your favorite live performance ?

  1. Finally made it back to the site. Out of all the concerts I have been to I would have to say the best was Alannis MOrrisette……..JFWY…..NOT. I would give the nod to the Green Day American Idiots concert at the Nutter. I was highly impressed with that performance.

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  2. Okay, this is a really tough question as I’ve seen so many great concerts in my lifetime, I’ve given this allot of thought and I keep coming back to a performance that literally gave me goose bumps, it was Joe Satriani at Bogart’s in Cincinnati. It was during the “Flying in a Blue Dream” tour in the early nineties and backed by bassist Stuart Hamm who is such an amazing performer in his own right. Joe has so much tonal control, he can make feedback sing like no one else. I was in total awe from beginning to end and I’m sure there was a constant grin on my face as I didn’t want the moment to end.

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  3. This Matt character seems to be a bit on the ball. Must have had some great musical influences. I agree with his choices for the most part. I too was at the Waters performance of the wall in Columbus. Not only the music, but the stage show was incredible. I have been lucky enough to see Waters as a solo act on four different occasions and could not believe the quality of the performances. That being said, I have also been lucky enough to see the Gilmour version on Pink Floyd several times as well, and these shows were unbelievable. I recommend either to any music fan. You will not be disappointed. Paul McCartney! What can you say? Have you ever been to a performance when a band sings 30 plus songs, and the crowd knows the words to all of them? Sir Paul puts on a magnificent show. Coming in at third place for me would be the Van Halen show at Dayton’s Hara Arena for the Diver Down Tour. The energy in the place was incredible and I have not seen it matched in more than 20 years. Last and certainly not least …. Green Day’s American Idiot tour! Any band able to pull off the “whole” album deal from start to finish as they did on this tour is o.k. by me! I do have a question “what about Rush!” a recent acquaintance asked me.

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  4. This is a great question. While there are a couple shows i have seen that cannot be compared to a regular album tour, there are countless ones that were amazing in there own way. This last year has by far been the best combination of shows for me starting in Colubmus Ohio where I was fortunate enough to have seen Roger Waters perform his theatrical and critically acclaimed Wall Production. I myself am a die hard Pink Floyd fan and never thought I would be in the same room with an original member, let alone to see such a rare set.It will remain on top of my list forever unless David Gilmour decides to go on tour, and that is one show i WILL NOT MISS.
    Ranking in at number two was seeing Paul McCartneys old ass play a 3 1/2 hour long show without skipping a beat.
    Comming in third place is Van Halen with their BEST frontman Sammy Hagar. I was lucky enough to see them three times on that tour, once in cincinatti in a small basketball arena (US Bank arena I believe) that was the best of the three dates because of the small venue and intimacy. I later saw them in Columbus and alomost by accident I saw them in Las Vegas.

    There is my top three shows for classic bands. The rankings for the young bands i have seen is soon to come

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  5. This will require some serious thought,…! maybe even some favors called in to verify what I think I might know, and or remember.

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