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Ritchie Blackmore is a guitar god! Lead guitarist for some of rocks most notable bands. Deep Purple, Rainbow…He has also enlisted some of rocks greatest voices to front the many versions. Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, Joe Lynn Turner…. What’s your favorite line up and why is it your top choice? No room for pansies here ! Please post in the comments section below…..

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  1. I agree with you John on Lazy and HIghway Star, but the majority of people who know nothing about music know Smoke by Deep Purple. Doesn’t make it the best song just the most “recognized”. Which is what I based my comment on. They were huge in their early days. Ritchie is an egomaniac. I think that him and Ronnie Montrose should form a band. That would be one helluva concert. Dueling guitars…..or should I say flying guitars!! That group would last all about hmm maybe 3 1/2 mins.

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  2. You guys are both right,.. and WRONG! Deep Purple “Made in Japan” is, in my opinon one of the top live albums ever made. Forget about smoke and listen to child in time, lazy and highway star. Deep Purple was huge in their time, up there with Zep and Sabbath. Rainbow was best with DIO, hands down Starman. Had some moments later with those other singers, but come on! If Ritchie wasn’t such a prick he could have been been an icon to this day. I think he’s playing the renaissance festival next weekend, wanna go?

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  3. Gonna have to disagree with ya Edward, don’t mean to be hatin’, but the reason you gave for liking the Ian Gillan lineup is the exact reason I dislike it. Smoke on the water was permanently ingrained in everyone’s subconscious in the mid 70’s, I got so tired of hearing it all the time, mainly because it’s such a painfully boring riff. I do however like the Rainbow stuff, Dio was the best in my opinion, I liked Graham Bonnet but he kinda reminds me of a 70’s porn star, But when I think of Rainbow I immediately think of Joe Lynn Turner …

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  4. I’m going to go with Ian because of the fact that he was apart of one of the most recognizable songs by Deep Purple. Smoke on the Water. Machine Head is by far one of the best albums by the Ian/Ritchie duo. So you have to give it to Ian. When I think of Deep Purple that is the line up I think of.

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